Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hmmm.. interesting. Hatred towards Khairy among the UMNO Youths?

Hmmm... interesting.

We'll see how this pans out, shall we?

I have to admit, that scoundrel is charismatic in a very very extremely annoying way.

I thought his political career would have been over by now.

Very interesting.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Obama, please prove me wrong..

My hope (and a lot of people's hopes) is that Barrack Obama will do something about the Palestinian's plight when he comes to office.

That hope is dimming.

Did you know that the Israeli war machine should be out of money in 3 months without CONSTANT US subsidy?
They'd be broke and bare-assed in 3 months without the US. Considering what a moron Bush is, we can probably swallow that part.

But what will Obama do about the Israeli's aggression? Will he even do ANYTHING?
Fact: He picked Hilary Clinton as his Secretary of State. And Rahm Emmanuel (dual Israeli-American citizen) and son of an Israeli terrorist as his CHIEF OF STAFF.

Doesn't look good.

Here's a quote I found on YouTube:

"I'm afraid we're going to find out that selling 'hope' is not UNlike selling 'soap'. The only difference is people who sell soap actually deliver SOMETHING."

So is Obama selling hope or soap?

Here are some Barrack Obama quotes to share with all of you:

"Today I want you to know, I will be speaking from my heart. As a true friend of Israel. And i know that when I visit AIPAC, i am among friends. Good friends. Friends who share my strong commitment to make sure that the bond between the United States and Israel is unbreakable today, unbreakable tomorrow, unbreakable FOREVER."

"Let me be clear, Israel's security is sacrosanct. It is non negotiable."

"Jerusalem will remain as the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided."

"Israel is not only our strongest ally in the region and one of our strongest allies in the world but there is a special connection between America and Israel."

"What I love about Israel is it is such a robust democracy and that they are committed to
principles like rule of law and civil rights and civil liberties."

"Israel has to remain a Jewish state and I believe that means any negotiated peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians is going to have to involve the Palestinians relinquishing the right of return as it has been understood in the past."

"If Israel was attacked, we will respond FORCEFULLY. And an attack on Israel, on of our most important allies in the world, would be considered as an attack on the United States."

"...any agreement with the Palestinian people must preserve Israel's identity as a Jewish state."

"Let me be absolutely clear, Israel is a strong friend of Israel." (he meant America)

"Those who know my track record, have absolutely no doubt about my unwavering support for Israel on it's security."

"It is critical that we send a message around the world, we will stand with Israel, we want them around not just for 60 years but for 600 years and when I am president of the United States they will have an unwavering ally in me."

This last one is a bit scary.

Yet, there are also some articles which mention that Obama is Pro-Palestinian. Honestly, I couldn't give a fart loud enough to express how I don't give a rat's ass about pro-this or pro-that. There are only 2 things I care about: What's Right and What's Wrong.

So is it all for the PR? And where does he really stand?

Will the real Barack Obama please stand up?

I urge all of you to watch this video of his speech at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)... and tell me if it sends a chill up your spine:

Admittedly this was recorded in June 2008, but the question now is:
Where does he stand now?
Has anything changed?
Or does he stand by what he says during his speech in the video?



Raving Mad

I'm mad. Pissy, Hissy, Put-a-gun-to-your-head mad..

I have always stood up against something i deem as an injustice. These usually include standing up for people i don't even like simply because it's the right thing to do. It usually gets me in trouble. But it's something i risk and i am willing to go through.

I feel strongly about something which causes another person to suffer unnecessarily. Be it abuse cases, cheating, rudeness, racism, discrimination.. you name it.

But this... this is too much. This is not about losing money, losing face or even gaining bruises and broken ribs.

This is slaughter.

I hate it when I feel helpless and unable to help in a big way. I registered to become an aid worker but my skills are limited and they actually require doctors and nurses... not PR Managers.

I am boycotting all the American brands.. never was a big fan of McDs and Starbucks anyways. And I get upset when i see people spending their money there. I know it's unreasonable for me to feel this way as it's up to everyone what they want to do with their money but I just feel so upset about it. I mean, if they are children (who love McDs), I don't mind it... cause they don't know better and.. well, they're just kids.

It's the adults who piss me off. They bitch and moan about the atrocities and yet.... and yet..

My anger was further fuelled by the images of a circus they call Mawi's wedding at the Palace of the Golden Horses.

(Did you know, normally, when a Sultan or Yg Dipertuan Besar passes away, in the past, all TV stations would not show any entertainment programs out of mourning. But you know what happened in December 2008? Allahyarham Tuanku Jaafar passed on. Next day? Mawi's wedding in all it's glory on tv!
How 'sensitive' ey? A friend once told me that the 'arts/entertainment' reflect the people. If this insensitivity and obsession with Mawi is a reflection on Malaysians, what are your conclusions?)

But I digress. Let me continue my line of ranting:

I went through the depressed stages... getting really upset, crying and sobbing and too upset to do anything. I actually stayed on a couch for 48 hours straight unable to move cause i was too depressed.

But now i'm pissed! Because this has gone on for too long. 3 weeks and no signs of it ending anytime soon.

All this talk and no action. It just makes my blood boil.

Especially when i watch the news and see these faces which remind me of my little nephews, nieces and brothers.. even my parents. Innocent lives brutally murdered and raped by shrapnel tearing through their flesh.

Do you know what shrapnel does to the human body? It tears you to pieces. It's having many many sharp pieces of metal piercing through your flesh. Can you imagine how it would hurt? Do you know you die a slow death bleeding on the insides?

Now can you imagine your children being pierced by thousands of shrapnel? It is the most hideous, most painful way to die.

This is what I see when i look at the pictures.

Yeah, sure you can say that in war there are always casualties. Sure, go on.. say it and try to make yourselves feel better.

Did you know the Israeli army in one of the most sophisticated and advanced in the world? Combine that with US backing and they are invincible.

Talk about civilian casualties, being one of the most sophisticated army in the world, the israeli army is able to target a car with an air strike. At NIGHT. That's how they killed a Hamas leader. But guess what? AFTER bombing the car, they waited till a large crowd had gathered at the car when they decided to make doubly sure the guy was dead by bombing the CROWD of civilians with 2 shrapnel bombs.

Was any civilian casualties reported? Of course not! But there were actually 50 severely wounded (mostly children) and 5 dead (2 children).

Itu belum kira lagi yg dah cacat kena potong kaki and tangan to save their lives.

So don't talk to me about casualties. There's nothing "casual" about it. Please.

And the thing is, so many foreigners are being killed too. In one case, a (very pretty) American activist was standing in front of an Israeli army bulldozer to stop it from demolishing the homes of the Palestinians. What did they do? They bulldozed her. They ran her over from her legs up to her head. She died a painful death like so many others.. and so far it has been in vain.

Journalists are also being targetted, UN aid workers are being targetted, ambulances, schools, mosques, hospitals are being targetted.

So don't fucking talk to me about fucking casualties. Sophisticated army in the world can't read? Can't see the UNRWA sign on the UN AID van? Can't tell the difference between a clearly marked UN hospital/school?

I don't buy that shit. If anyone reading this buys that shit, you should have your head checked.

And above all... this is a goddamn occupation. The Israelis (Zionists) are OCCUPYING GAZA and calling it SELF DEFENCE.

That is like the Japanese killing and bombing us during the Japanese Occupation in Malaya. And calling it self defence.

Makes you go WTF? doesn't it?

You know what I think? I think the leaders of the world should gather their balls back... i think the 'great' United States of America should start thinking about all the blood on their hands and take back their testicles which they gave to Israel and start doing what's right.

Or else we'll need another super power.

I'd like to say thank you to all the Jews around the world, especially the Jewish International Communities.. for protesting and calling a halt to this unholy, unjust, illegal occupation and war.

And I would like to caution everyone, that this is not a religious issue. Please don't turn this into a religious issue. YES, muslims should unite to save their brethren but don't condem ALL jews. It is the Zionists whom you should blame. The aggressor.

To the Malaysian government, I would like to highlight the idiocy of last week's Khutbah Jumaat where Imams mentioned that suicide bombers die as MARTYRS. I am not afraid or embarrassed to say that that is the most idiotic, absurd and embarrasing LIE. Allah never condoned the taking of innocent lives. Neither does He condone SUICIDE. All you are doing is stoking the fires of discrimination and racism. So stop it, and please next time, THINK WISELY before you give the Imam's their scripts for Friday. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Again, don't make this a religious issue. This is about HUMANITY. What's RIGHT AND WRONG.


I hate that word. 'Casualty'. There's nothing CASUAL about it.

For the people behind this war, be it Condoleeza (ie Dumbest Bitch Alive) or Ehud Olmert, YOU ARE ALL COWARDS. THE BIGGEST COWARDS IN HISTORY. Stop hiding behind your PR arms. They are bad liars just as you are COWARDS. Try truth, you might find it refreshing. Admit the truth that you are trying to annihilate the Palestinians so that you can expand your settlements.

For Land and Water.
Does this remind you of the movie '300'?

Land and Water. Based on actual events, there was a great war too, no?

Land and Water. Think about it.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Main Casualty of this War is Peace

Please, please save them..please...

This is wrong. It is so wrong..

How can we go on with our lives when this is happening somewhere in this world? This is evil!

Please do not make this a religious issue, it is about RIGHT AND WRONG and SAVING HUMANITY. These are human lives. Human lives. Not livestock and cattle. These are people are fighting against a GLOBALLY RECOGNISED ILLEGAL OCCUPATION.

And the PR for Israeli (Zionist) say it's in "self defence"? It's like the Japanese saying "We bombed and killed the people of Malaya in self defence" during the Japanese occupation in Malaysia.

I see the faces of my children, nephews, nieces, brothers, sisters and parents when i see the pictures.

20Cents says that I have an ultra 'soft' heart. I just feel very deeply about any injustice, be it in our country or elsewhere. That makes me human. That makes me want to fight for what is right.

Many Jews around the world are againts the Zionists attacks. For this I thank them.

I was reading a book yesterday about death in relation to Islam. Prophet Mohammad said (i translate):

Woe to those to refuse to help others in need. Woe to those who turn a blind eye to any person who is in need. They will be lashed with 100 (whips) from hell in their graves.

Please watch these videos below, I hope it touched you as deeply as it touched mine.

We Will Not Go Down (Song for Gaza)

Video Israel Doesn't Want You to See

Jewish-Arab Peace Song

War on Gaza (By Dark Bob)


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

They were not sleeping. The were dead.

I was looking at The Star's frontpage today and saw a cute picture of 3 sleeping boys.

But when i zoomed out, I saw a man who looked like he was wailling and tearing-his-eyes-out crying.

Then I noticed the blood on the children.

They were not sleeping. They were dead.

They were Palestinian kids.

Honestly, any human being seeing this picture will have some sad emotions. Even just a tinge.
I'm not excluded.

If you try to send a message to someone, a message without words but only pictures, what picture would you use to say "innocence"?

More often than not, it would be a picture of a baby... or children.

Is that still true?

I don't think so.

Why don't I think so? Because if the above stands true, how can a human being (i don't give a shit who they are) kill children (innocents) and live with themselves?

On the same note, have any of you watched Blood Diamond acted by Leo DiCaprio?

On the same note, how can a human being take away a child's innocence by training him to kill?

Where is our humanity? Where has it gone?


Yes yes, i know, in war there are always 'casualties'. See, I hate that goddamn word. CASUALTIES. Who the hell came up with that word?
Does it imply the the dead are 'casually' dead?

Anyways, back to the point, I know that in war there are 'casualties'. But so many children?

And we all know it's genocide when schools are targetted (bombed) when classes are in session.

Come one, man.

Seriously, i'm not pointing fingers at any particular party. But if you've done the above mentioned (killing 'innocence', turning them into killers, bombing their schools) then yes, i'm pointing my fingers (all of them) at YOU.

Then and only then you should 'terasa'.

I know it's a sensitive topic for a lot of people, but I feel i should say something about it. Cause the next step would be DOING something.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Wish To You

Dear Malaysians,

I would like to wish all of you the best of health physically, financially and health in relationships.

I hope that we can continue to grow as Malaysians and also as citizens of the world.

Merry Christmas to ALL. Selamat Awal Muharram to ALL of you.

Have a merry new year. Make new wonderful and happy memories. Trust me, we will all need something nice to look back to next year when the bad times come.